About Us

We are a small, independently run neighborhood convenience store in South Minneapolis. We strive to be active in our community and make a positive impact through positive and refreshing customer experiences, hosting neighborhood events (did somebody say concert on the roof?), and supporting community organizations. Of course, we have cool stuff, too. We are more than meets the eye.

We love getting to know our customers. Community is about people, so we would love the opportunity to get to know you. We want you to feel welcome.

Refuel Station (noun): [ree-fyoo-uh l stey-shuh n] Where one may go to refresh or revitalize themselves. Where one may purchase goods to reenergize, whether it's coffee, kombucha, granola, or gasoline.

Why we're different

We understand our influence as a retail seller and employer, including our position in the state and the country. We strive to move forward through prioritizing employees and core values.

Our core values.
Work here.

We are a for-profit entity and have a commitment to our customers, staff, and shareholders to grow and shift resources effectively and efficiently. However, we are community stakeholders first and have a mandate to ensure our neighborhood remains strong, helps develop tomorrow's leaders and vibrant. Below is a short list of just a few of those organizations we support.



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