Our Core Values

  1. Outstanding customer service: We at 36 Lyn Refuel Station pride ourselves on following the highest standards when it comes to customer care and service. We want to be more than just a neighborhood convenience store – we want to be your community store. Thus, we are constantly working towards improving ourselves and delivering better and better community service by anticipating your needs and catering to them.
  2. Impeccable retail standards: As experts with over 12 years of experience, we are knowledgeable about the products we sell and we hand-select every single one for its superior qualities. At 36 Lyn Refuel Station, you can be certain you will find only the highest quality merchandise; and if you ever have questions, pop up in our store and our team members would be delighted to discuss a product’s features with you!
  3. Desire to grow: We want to be a part of the community we serve through learning and getting to know our customers, neighborhood and merchandise. We are motivated by a desire to grow and constantly challenge ourselves to take on new responsibilities.
  4. Care about our customers and environment: We put extra effort into ensuring our store and property are clean and safe at all times and work hard to create an enjoyable atmosphere.
  5. Attention to detail: We are committed to establishing 36 Lyn Refuel Station as a community leader all while growing as individuals. We want to make a positive impact and we are motivated by our desire to improve.
  6. Clear and consistent communication: We believe communication with our customers is the key to our success and we keep the information flowing so you can always be in the loop. Our staff is extremely passionate about retail and constantly works to shift the stereotypes and misconceptions of the industry.