Our Core Values

  1. Excellent customer service. We're cool, friendly, and fun to be around. We anticipate the needs and wants of our customers.
  2. Impeccable retail standards. We're knowledgeable and excited about our product. We only supply the highest quality merchandise and pursue only that which helps us grow.
  3. Desire to expand knowledge and skill. We learn about our customers, neighborhood, and merchandise. We're constantly challenging ourselves to take on new responsibilities for the store and for our lives.
  4. Awareness of surroundings. Our store and property are clean and safe. We work to create an enjoyable atmosphere.
  5. Attention to detail in all things you do. We're committed to the growth of the store and our personal growth as individuals. We look for what we can improve to make the biggest positive impact.
  6. Clear and consistent communication. We keep information flowing to keep everyone who is involved in the loop.